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Laundry Soap - Rhubarb & Birch 03

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Rhubarb & Birch - 1000 ml
pH range: 5,0 - 7,0
The packaging is made of reusable PET plastic.

Provides approximately 30 washes.

Liquid laundry soap that leaves the clothes clean, soft and pleasant-smelling after every wash.

The laundry soap contains natural extracts of rhubarb and birch, which has caring and soothing properties. The Laundry Soap has added agents that provide protection and colour stability for your clothes.

The detergent is suitable for washing machines and hand wash, all coloured garments and a wide variety of fabrics (not wool or silk).

Fibers are washed gently and the clothes are left soft and with a lovely, long lasting clean scent - even clothes exposed to excessive physical activity (sports etc.). The laundry soap has a delicate scent that matches the Humdakin Fabric Softener. For a more sustainable laundry routine, put our wool dryer balls in the dryer with your newly washed clothes for a reduced drying time.

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